Family house in Černošice is located near Prague. Three-storey concept of this house is set on a hill with regard to the privacy of its users and with the possibility of views aiming to Prague, the Berounka valley or Cukrák transmitter. The concept of the house design responds to the demands of missis and mister Grey. The terrain properties and the slope of the land, is gently reacting to cardinal orientation set in Černošice, putting emphasis on interesting views to the distants or nerby garden. When we where creating the volume of the new house and its placing on the slope, we were also takening into account the usual sizes of family houses in the neighborhood, the approximate course of the street line and standard distances from the neighboring buildings. All of this set the precise location for the future house . . .

This family house consist of an compact hexagon volume put on a top of a irregular terrain mound. The object is exactly aligned to the street line of Černošice village. The terrain mound is round 4 meters high above the street level which will allow to create a basement with a horizontal entrance to the garage. The basement will be accessible from the exterior only from this part of the building. This part which is specific will be facing the street level, the rest of the basement is burried under the ground. The volume of the soil which is necessary to dig for the basement is in 1:1 ratio to the soil necessary to modulate the ground around the ground floor, making the ground floor accessible. The entrance to the garage is designed in the gap between a pair of retaining walls. Composition of the house will also include a separate pedestrian entrance at ground floor level. The terrain stairs are leading up to the entrance, and simultaneously are uphold by the supporting walls based from the driveway.

The first floor is designed as a daily part of the house combined with a guest room. We put emphasis on a thoughtful visual and functional interconnection of interiors and garden. The northern facade of the building features a belt window that brightens the interior staircase and adjacent guest room. Visual contact with the terrain and vegetation of the garden takes place in an unusual observation height of 1 meter from the ground floor. The night part of the house is located in the upstair area. It consists of two bedrooms, divided by a small living room with a fireplace. They are functionally separated from the living room by a staircase leading to the central part of the house. The areas of the daily part of the house located on the ground floor is oriented towards the views to the garden, the remote views from the top floor are oriented towards the Cukrák transmitter and Prague. The basis of the house concept varies around the contact with the garden and the views from the generous panoramic glazed walls.

The architectural expression of the house is a combination of its shape parameters and artistic (true) materiality. The surface of the large glazed walls in the aluminum silver frame are alternated with solid areas of raw cement plaster. The exterior structures of the railing and fencing are in steel zinc. Reinforced surfaces are made of concrete grass paving. The house is finished with a simple flat roof with a small attics. The interior of the house focuses on interesting views of the garden on the ground floor and remote views of the upper floor. The spatial perception of the interior is compounded by the verticality of the central staircase and the basilic lighting of the kitchen. The concrete surfaces will be complemented by natural, wooden surfaces of built-in storage furniture and wall or floors. The house is complemented by a detail of stainless steel netting found in the railing of the staircase, french windows or furniture.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny, Marek Peťovský
Location: Černošice / Prague
Design: 2019