The input from investors - two brothers and their families, is to create a modern, comfortable and significantly relax oriented housing in two adjacent family houses. The houses will be surrounded by the the dense forest, street communication and other houses in the residential area. One of the houses should be a single-storey house other one will be two storey house. In addition to the standard requirements for the composition of rooms and their sizes were important a requirements for the large terraces with swimming pool, summer kitchen and seating . . .

The disadvantage of the property is its location in the middle of the future intensive residential area, where the amount, location and orientation of windows can not be accurately predicted. Because of the large range of glass walls of residential areas, as well as outdoor patio for the houses, we proposed to put an emphasis on ensuring sufficient privacy. Moreover, the location of houses on the land, their layout or shape solutions, as well as the orientation of their living rooms increased emphasis on ensuring sufficient privacy to the surroundings as well as the buildings themselves. The result is based on this principles, where the houses do not see each other daytime and nighttime zones, and are oriented on the street side. The views from the living areas of the houses are oriented in the direction to the forest with respect of sufficient interior sunlit. Outdoor terrace with a pool and a summer residential parts of the land are designed to have sufficient eastern, southern and western sun, but also to be protected against the view to the street.
Two - storey house, called R.DOM, is attractive by its facade niche with summer kitchen-living room and terrace with the pool. Summer living exterior is directly connected to the inner living hall of two floors height with a large glass wall which is oriented on forests. Single-storey house, called M.DOM, is specific by its extensive linking to all residential areas (large living hall, children's rooms, bedroom for parents and a relaxing outdoor swimming pool with views to the forest). In the master bedroom shaping of the facade creates recess with a sufficient degree of privacy necessary for parental bathroom, which passes through the layout from the interior to the exterior.

Autors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny
Location: Veľká Lúka, Zvolen district
Design, project: 2014 - 2015