The design proposal will serve as retail and service branch of Zeppelin SK for the Bratislava region, a company which focuses on retail and service of construction machines Caterpillar. The area will be located within the terrier of Bernolákovo, on a site right next to the D1 highway exit Triblavina. The site has a triangular shape and one of its longer sides directly faces the highway. Total area of the site is sufficient for the intended purpose.

One of the key factors of the design is good visibility of the plant from the highway. Machines need to displayed along the visible side of the site facing the D1 highway. The display concept defines the logistics within the entire area of the plant. The main circulation route is located right behind the row of the displayed machines, parallel to main facade of the building.

The intention of the building design was to make it as pragmatic as possible. The program is being alligned, linearly, creating a sort of gradient starting from adminstration and customer center hall leading to service garages of the actual machines. This gradient, however, was not an aesthetic attempt to arrange the functions from the „cleanest" to the „dirtiest", as one may think on the first glance. This arrangement reflects the circulation and functional demands given by the client, based on their long-term experience. The linear arrangement of the functions is being projected to the exterior facade as well. Each functional unit has a different height demand, and instead of hiding it, this fact is being highlighted. The roof line follows the clearance of each functional unit within the linear arrangement, which in result slightly descends from the highest point of the building (garages) to the lowest (entry hall). This approach is very space-efficient, since there are no excessive spaces, which sometimes tend to emerge as a by-product of the clean-form pursuit. Nevertheless, the feeling of openness and airiness in the interior remains maintained.

Facades of the administration part are made of large glass panels, facing the entrance (both car and pedestrian) as well as the area in front the building. Thanks to that the employees can have an overview of the movement in the exterior, especially clients. Material-wise, the building is based on monolothic reinforced concrete and steel structures. Similarly as in the case of functionality, there is an intention to show the true material. The facade is unified by metal cladding, behind which, there are (partly) placed window and ventilation openings. Nevertheless, the placement of window openings behind the cladding is not due to aesthetic reasons, but to serve as a shading device, for instance in the case of roof terrace.

Authors: Braňo Hovorka, Martin Paulíny, Marek Peťovský
Location: Triblavina, Bernolákovo, SR
Design: 2018